The importance of English in this day and age cannot be denied, especially for middle school students.However, there are not too many English document sets for middle school students on the market. Especially books can help children review and gain more knowledge about foreign languages.

That’s why MAJOR brings Fluency Plus 6. A set of English documents specifically for middle school students. This is one of the resources trusted by many parents.

English materials for secondary school students

How important are English materials for middle school students ??

On the market, there are many English books for middle school students. Most only synthesize foreign language knowledge that is quite general and widespread.This makes it difficult for parents and children to choose the best type of book.

To choose the right English book, parents should clearly determine what their child’s learning goals are. Choosing the right resources for your level and foreign language learning needs is important.Helps increase determination and motivation to conquer all difficulties on the learning path.

English materials for secondary school students

Besides, you should determine what level your children are at and how they need to supplement. Because if your child is at a basic level but parents choose books that are too advanced, it will make learning English even more difficult for the child.

To increase interest in learning English, parents should choose books with a diverse combination of images, sounds or podcasts.

Fluency Plus 6 – English materials specifically for middle school students 

The document set includes 02 books: Student’s book and Activity book.Fluency Plus 6 is compiled and designed in a lively, attractive way and is extremely suitable for middle school students.

English materials for secondary school students


MAJOR ‘s  Fluency Plus 6 is compiled to increase the ability to practice and apply English in real life. Combine vocabulary and grammar development. Helps students practice and gain new knowledge.

The most special feature of Fluency Plus 6 is the integration of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) lessons.Helps expand vocabulary as well as improve English practice skills through other key subjects.This is also the most modern method of learning foreign languages ​​today.Helps learners absorb knowledge from important school subjects and foreign languages ​​in the most natural way.

Not stopping there, the document set also helps middle school students become familiar with international English proficiency tests such as Cambridge, TOEFL and Pearson Test.  Fluency Plus 6 is designed to help teachers and students be flexible in building learning paths with study durations of 1 – 5 periods per week.

English document

Fluency Plus 6 is also used as a set of materials for the Intensive English Program.This is one of the important programs in the strategy to develop English teaching and learning in Ho Chi Minh City as well as major cities across the country. Therefore, the content of the document set is designed to help middle school students practice and use English like native speakers of their age.

If schools, parents as well as students want to learn more about the Fluency Plus 6 English document set, please contact us immediately or leave your contact information so MAJOR’s team can contact you. Support and detailed advice please!